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Traveling to St. John is done via airplane, taxi,  ferry and rental car – we guarantee it is all worth it once your feet hit the sand!

feet in the sand

Your Flight to Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

Since St. John does not have it’s own airport, you will fly into Charlotte Amalie on the neighboring island of St. Thomas.  The airport code is STT and it is serviced by several domestic carriers.  Make sure we have your flight information and let us know if you experience any travel issues.

Since St. John is one of the United States Virgin Islands, no passport is required for American Citizens.  Please note that upon your departure at the St. Thomas airport you will travel through US Customs, but a valid driver’s license is all that is needed.  Please note that a valid US Passport is required for any travel to surrounding British Virgin Islands.

You’ve Landed!

As you exit the plane you will feel the warm sunshine and tropical breezes!  Collect your luggage and make your way to the taxi stand outside of baggage claim.  There you will find a dispatcher (usually with a clip board).  Let them know you’d like to go to St. John and they will direct you to an awaiting passenger van, the driver will assist you with your luggage and he will not depart until the van is full.  At that time, you will be driven to either Crown Bay or Red Hook to catch the ferry to St. John.  The drive to Crown Bay is about 10 minutes and the ride to Red Hook is about 30 minutes.  Settle in, chat with your fellow passengers and take in the views of St. Thomas.

Taxi Rates:

You’re Getting Close Now!

Once you’re at the ferry terminal, you will purchase your ticket to St. John!  From Crown Bay, the ferry time is about 30 minutes and from Red Hook, the ferry time is about 20 minutes.  Be sure to take in the sights of the moored boats, neighboring islands and feel the ocean breeze….

Ferry Schedule and Rates: http://Ferry Schedule:

You Are Almost There!

You have arrived on St. John!  Once you’ve collected your luggage you can make your way to your rental car agency and begin your drive to Coral Bay.  Your welcome email will provide directions.

Driving to Into the Mystic:

To make your way to Into the Mystic in Coral Bay, we recommend taking Centerline Road (Rt. 10), which is about an 8 mile drive.  Once you reach the intersection of Centerline Road (Rt. 10) and Rt. 107 which is known as the Triangle, turn right.  Continue until just past Coccoloba Plaza (Dolphin Market, Crabby’s Watersports) and turn right onto Harold’s Way.  Follow the paved road up three switchbacks, just past the blue fence and you’ll see a set of brown stairs, your parking spot is directly in front of the stairway.  Head on up to your island home, Into the Mystic Lower Suite!

Have a Fabulous Stay at Into the Mystic!